Why do senior wellness testing?

By: Dr. Crystal Craig

The majority of pets will not show signs of many illnesses, until very late in the disease process. Since pets age faster than people, we recommend beginning regular testing by the age of eight years in both dogs and cats.

Blood work for senior pets can help us to detect hidden issues that may not be evident during an external examination. Twenty percent of our senior animals that appear healthy upon physical examination have an underlying disease. Blood work results can be used in a comparison with previous tests results, or as a baseline for future tests.

This process is much like what happens at your own doctor’s office. Our testing includes a CBC (measure of red and white blood cells), Blood Chemistry, Thyroid testing, and a blood pressure reading. We also strongly recommend analysis of a urine sample.

We like to think of this lab work as an “internal examination”. However, it is best described as a broad panel to assess general body function. We recommend it because it is the best way to catch disease processes in their early stages, including diabetes, liver and kidney disease, hormonal imbalances, high blood pressure and even some types of cancer. When we diagnose something early, it helps us to respond in the most effective way possible, increasing the chances of the best medical outcome.

Please call our clinic if you have any questions about senior wellness testing.