Tips for a cooler dog

10 Cool Ways To Keep Your Pet COOL This Summer



Freezing your dogs treats and toys in a bowl of water is a good way to keep your pets busy and cool during the summer months.

Ice Cubes:

Ice cubes are a calorie free treat that will hydrate your pet, as well as cool them down on hot days.

Doggy Boots:

Walking on pavement can be very hot on your furry friends paws. Using doggy boots will protect them from the heat and they will look cool too!


Kiddy pools are a great item to keep filled with water on those summer hot days. They may be used for a place to lounge, or even as a large drinking bowl.

Keep paws cool:

Dogs and cats lose heat effectively through their paws. If you feel your pet is getting overheated, putting a cold cloth on their paws will cool them down quicker.

Walking at night:

Exercising your pet in the summer can sometimes be dangerous. Choosing cooler times of the day such as early morning or later in the evening may be safer than walking in the middle of the day.


Swimming is great exercise, but it also helps cool down your pet.

Fan and Ice:

Blowing a fan on your pet with a bucket of ice in front will keep them cool without having to buy an expensive air conditioner.

Shade + Dig:

If you want to let your pet get some fresh air on really hot days; try keeping them under large trees or somewhere shady. Allow them to dig holes, it provides a nice cool area to lay.

Hair Cut:

Keeping your pets fur short will keep them cool in hot months. Caution with cutting their fur too short however, we do not want them to get a sun burn!!