Keeping Cool for Summer

It’s a hot one, and we’re only 2 weeks in. Long-term weather forecasts predict above normal temperatures across the Maritimes this year. Today’s temperature is a whopping 32° in Halifax. Temperatures like this affect the entire population, even our cats.

Our pets feel the heat too, and while we’re in shorts and tees, they’re still in their fur coats. Here are a few tips to help keep your furry felines cool this summer.

Fresh Water

Hydration is crucial during hot days like these. Cool, running water seems to be a preference for most cats, and fountains are a fantastic way to provide a constant supply of water with being wasteful.

Lose The Fur Coat!

Lion-Shave-CatFor many long haired cats, or cats with thick fur a trip to the groomer for a summer hair cut may be the answer. Fur also acts as protection to your cat’s skin so be mindful of how much fur you are asking your groomer to shave off. This is of particular importance for cats that go outside at all. They can get sunburns too.


Provide shade on the deck, if your cat spends time outside. Keep in mind that hot asphalt should be avoided during the hottest part of the day. Consider closing the curtains to provide a break from the afternoon sun may also help to give some relief from the hot rays. This will help to keep your house cool during the day.

Keep All Pets In Cool Places

Hot cars, green houses, solariums and direct sun without shade are all places to avoid with your pets. Ensure your pets don’t accidentally get locked in your greenhouse or solarium when they are helping with your gardening. Provide shade, and fresh water for pets that are tethered outside.

If you need to transport your pet in your car, start your vehicle in advance and give the air conditioning a chance to cool it down before letting your pet inside. Plan errands around times when your pet also – temperatures inside cars can reach deadly ranges within minutes.

Keep the Air Moving

Air conditioners can help to keep the ambient temperatures of your home more bearable on days like today. Circulating fans help to keep the air in your home moving as well which can help too.