4 Ways to Keep Your Cat in Tiptop Shape!


Cats mostly keep indoors, and they are great lovers of sleep during the day. Therefore maintaining their fitness can be quite a challenge. However the job has been simplified courtesy of some tried and true pointers put together in the following ways:

Create playtime for your cat

Bring home a catnip toy or a laser pointer toy for your cat; otherwise, she might display a continuous mellow temperament.  Ensure your cat exhibits the sense of play like hiding and pouncing, which is both fun for you and feline. It propels them to be able to exercise and improve their natural hunting skills without even realizing.

Take her to the veterinarian for regular check-ups and vaccination.

Having a vet for your feline friend is important to ensure proper care for your furry friend. Obviously we are slightly biased on this point! If you aren’t currently using us as your feline’s vet, please schedule a consultation and we would be happy to meet you and your fur baby.

Health and hygiene

Proper hygiene will keep your cat purring and proud. Brush them; the short-haired kitties only need brushing three times a week, long haired will need daily brushing. Cats are also naturally water repellent; therefore, they would probably fight against being bathed. Although we have heard stories of cats that just LOVE the water! If needed use warm water to clean the coat on very dirty areas. Starting this process early in your relationship with your feline will certainly make for easier time spent down the road.

Observe proper nutrition

The quality of the food you give to your cat is imperative as is the quantity. The first thing you need to recognize is that cats are carnivorous. Their bodies are designed so that they process a high protein and low carbohydrate diet. A good balanced vet approved diet will certainly help to manage weight, hair-balls and other health concerns throughout your felines years.

At the end of the day, a little loving goes a long way. Diet, exercise, regular vet checks and lots of time spent with their favourite humans will ensure your kitty lives a healthy prosperous life!

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